Buyers Rescue Every Sell Off

Markets Rally Back Again

Markets continue their same pattern. Every sell off is met with buyers, as witnessed on Tuesday. Markets got clobbered at 10:00 EST, falling 100 points in 15 minutes only to rally back close to unchanged. Bubba explains the action and why the same things happen repeatedly...

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Markets Have a Mind of Their Own

Dollar Disaster

Bubba is back from the weekend and ready to talk markets. Looking at these goofy markets, we see complacency is at record levels, and it appears the world is content with no growth. All of the recent action is consistent with a bubble, it doesn’t have to pop today, but bet your sweet potatoes it will pop...

Buyers Step Up to Cut Market Losses

DOW was down nearly 300 points Thursday

Fourth of July 4th weekend is here and Bubba talks about Thursday’s market action. The markets had a chance to really get ugly and were on their way before, once again, the buyers stepped up and the markets rallied to cut about 40% of their losses...

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