Tug Of War: Gold To Keep Fighting As Investors Eye Buying Opportunities

(Kitco News) - After the biggest weekly drop in five months, gold bulls are not ready to give up their tug of war against the bears just yet, according to analysts.

As gold gets ready to close the week below $1,300 an ounce for the first time this year, analysts are scrambling to project where the yellow metal might head next when the dust finally settles...

Why Fundamentals Are Worthless in the Short Run

Markets in Wide Sweeping Consolidation Pattern

Gary Cohn resigns, and no one cares. The markets initially reacted by getting creamed, but by the end of the day, they had rallied all the way back. Bubba talks about fundamental and technical data, explaining that whether you are trading or investing, you must look at the technicals to make your final decision...

Will the US Dollar be the Black Swan of an Unraveling Market?

The Big Picture on Equities and Commodities

Bubba is back from vacation and ready to discuss current market conditions, as well as what is going on with the U.S. Dollar. Bubba believes the dollar will be the black swan event, stating that the FED will lose control of the market...

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