Shutdown Showdown

Shutdown Update

Rival proposals to end the partial government shutdown failed in the Senate on Thursday, prolonging the impasse that has stymied Washington for weeks but reigniting negotiations between the White House and Capitol Hill over a short-term fix that includes border-security funding...



Bubbles are created by a surge in asset prices that are not supported by the fundamentals and driven by irrational price movement. The question comes up every day about the Bitcoin bubble but for some reason no one talks about the stock market bubble. Is it possible that both the stock market and Bitcoin are in bubbles...

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Tax Plan for Big Business Gets First Vote

Debt Continues to Go Unaddressed

It’s Thursday and the Tax Plan continues to linger, though the first vote will take place today. The plan is garbage and continues to torture the middle class, giving more power to big business, while stripping small business of opportunity...

Complacency Grows as Markets Continue Higher


Welcome back from the holiday weekend! North Korea is bombing away and the markets continue higher. Bubba wants to know where is the fear. Is no one concerned that this could be a problem? Apparently, we are so complacent that nothing can shake the confidence of the market...

Manipulation Killing Free Markets

While the FED is out there begging for inflation so they can tax me more on what I already own, what has happened to free markets and true price discovery? Normalization has become the new buzz word, but a better question would be, what is normal?

Markets Over-Extended: Time to Sell?

What “Big Money” is Telling Us

It’s a new week in markets with the ECB and Comey testimony behind us, but we still have the FED and another one of their fruitless meetings. Bubba talks about the broken-down government, the FED, and the ways in which the two have fleeced the middle class...

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Comey Hearing Meaningless: The Swamp is Full of Trash

Market’s next big move is down?

Today on The Bubba Show, Bubba discusses the problems with government and why the market’s next big move is down. Bubba talks about the James Comey hearing and why it is meaningless in the big scheme, explaining that the real problem is with the government not the former FBI director. There is too much garbage in the swamp...

Rebuild America, Make It Great Again

If nothing else, the election of Donald Trump has exposed the United States political system for what it is, a bunch of government hacks who are in affect stealing from the American people. The destruction of the middle class can be blamed on our bloated government and their greed and willingness to sell out Americans for their own benefit...

Next Big Market Move

Preparing for a Break to the Downside

The government avoids another shut down, what a shame. Today on The Bubba Show, Bubba talks about all the things going on and previews the FOMC meeting as well as the jobs report. Bubba feels this could be a huge week in determining the next big move in the markets...