A House Divided

On June 16, 1858 Abraham Lincoln made a speech in which he referred to the problem of slavery as a "House Divided Against Itself Cannot Stand." Of course, his prophesy became fact on April 12, 1861 when the South attacked Fort Sumter South Carolina setting off a war that would last for 4 years and cost over 600,000 American lives. In the end, the brutal act of slavery was abolished, and the South was destroyed...

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Amazon Taking Over the World

100 Million for Amazon Prime

More than 100 million people globally are now paying for Amazon Prime, a sign of how Amazon.com Inc. has used the service to evolve from an online marketplace that struggled with profitability into an e-commerce powerhouse. Amazon, which has never disclosed the number of Prime members before, revealed the figure Wednesday in Chief Executive Jeff Bezos’s closely followed annual letter to shareholders...

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Amazon Taking Over the World

Amazon Offers BIG Prime Discount

Amazon is lowering its membership fee for low-income shoppers, in an attempt to go after the stronghold Walmart currently has on the market. Amazon said Tuesday that it will offer a nearly 20% segment of the U.S. population - those who obtain government assistance...

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From University to the Financial Services Industry

Xander Joins Bubba to Share his Experience

Today on The Bubba Show, Bubba is joined by his son Xander, who recently graduated from Illinois Wesleyan University. Xander explains his journey to the financial services industry and how he eventually ended up at Edward Jones. He talks about his passion for financials in general and being on a team...