Dean Foods Bankrupt

Dean Foods Files for Bankruptcy

Dean Foods, America's largest milk producer, is filing for bankruptcy. The 94-year-old company has struggled in recent years because Americans are drinking less cows milk. 2019 has been particularly brutal: the company's sales tumbled 7% in the first half of the year, and profit fell 14%. Dean Foods stock has lost 80% this year...

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History Repeats Itself

Markets always repeat. You can go back hundreds of years and the market psychology never changes. There is always a new idea that will change the way the world thinks. In some cases, it is correct, and the world does change for the better, but in many cases the idea comes to a crashing halt. What we are seeing now with the flood of IPO’s seems like 1999 again...

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GE: Not Bringing Good Things to Investors

GE Hits New Low

General Electric Co.’s shares continued their long slide Monday even as new Chief Executive Larry Culp tried to put the market at ease about the direction of the conglomerate and its troubled power division. The stock fell as much as 10% Monday before recovering some of its loss to end at $7.99...

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