No Hulu for AT&T

AT&T Sells Hulu Stake

AT&T Inc. sold its minority stake in Hulu back to the company in a deal that values the streaming video site at around $15 billion, a sharp jump from more than two years ago. Hulu, which is now owned by two major media companies, has been trying to build a service that can rival Netflix...

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Next IPO Up: Roku

Roku, the independent company successfully fending off Apple, Amazon, and Google in the streaming TV device category, hopes to raise more than $252 million in its initial public offering, according to documents filed Monday with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. That's more than double the $100 million the company originally forecast for the IPO...

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Magic Kingdom’s Nightmare

Disney's New Plan

Walt Disney Co's plan to launch its own digital movie and sport services means the world's largest entertainment must learn how to attract streaming video subscribers and keep them hooked in a highly competitive market. In a major strategic shift, Disney announced Tuesday it would launch a sports-themed ESPN streaming service...

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President Trump Hits the Ground Running

Have OPEC Nations Truly Cut Oil Production?

President Donald J. Trump has started right off trying to deliver on his promises, 2 days in office and 10 executive orders that will benefit the American worker. Bubba talks about Trump’s quick work and why there are still issues ahead. Executive orders can only take the country so far...

Number of Americans Working Multiple Jobs Climbs Higher

Amazon and Netflix Signs of a Weak Economy?

The country is recovering and jobs are plentiful according to the President. Bubba starts today’s show blasting the comments made by Obama, as the Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that the ranks of multiple jobholders jumped by 300,000 last month to 7.8 million...