Selling Naked Options Can Be Painful

If you have been in the markets as long as I have, you know a couple of things. First, the unlikely occurs almost every day and second, the impossible happens at least once a month. The markets are a probability model. Forget earnings and new products. The option chain tells us all we need to know about the chances of an event occurring...

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First Arnie, Now T. Boone, Who is Next?

There are certain things that you know will never happen and one of them was the death of the golfer Arnold Palmer, who unfortunately died on September 25,2016. Arnie made the modern game of Golf. Jack Nicklaus may have been the better player, but it was the charismatic Palmer who set golf off in America in the early 1960’s and served as the King until his death more than 50 years later.

T. Boone Pickens was another giant whose star shone in the oil business...

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GE Giving Up

GE to Give Up Majority Control of Baker Hughes

At least one write down is coming when General Electric Co. reports its third-quarter earnings results next month. The struggling industrial giant is selling off another chunk of its stake in Baker Hughes as CEO Larry Culp scrounges up more cash to fund his turnaround strategy...

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G.E. Brings Good Things to Life

New Version of G.E.

General Electric Co. unveiled plans Tuesday to shed two big business units, the culmination of a drastic effort to revitalize what once was one of the U.S.’s largest and most-valuable companies. Chief Executive John Flannery, whose first year on the job saw a sharp decline in GE’s stock price, said the company would spin off its health-care division and sell its ownership stake in oil-services company Baker Hughes...