Selling Naked Options Can Be Painful

If you have been in the markets as long as I have, you know a couple of things. First, the unlikely occurs almost every day and second, the impossible happens at least once a month. The markets are a probability model. Forget earnings and new products. The option chain tells us all we need to know about the chances of an event occurring...

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Markets Break Down in Dramatic Fashion

The Harder the Selling, The Bigger the Rally

Today on The Bubba Show, Bubba plays his Monday Night Strategy Call. Bubba talks about the current market action and explains what he is looking for in the next couple of days. The markets are breaking down and Bubba feels that we should look for an opportunity to buy some inexpensive options to the long side...

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Benefits of Owning & Controlling the Underlying Stock

When Trading & Investing, Knowledge is Power

With the lack of any real market activity, Bubba talks about how to use stock to exit an options position. Bubba explains the benefits of owning and controlling the underlying stock and why it brings a tremendous advantage to the owners...

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Grain Markets Likely to Remain Sluggish

Hedging to Protect Crops & Livestock

Grain markets got hammered on Monday and Bubba had to call in the expert Angie Setzer, Vice President of Grains at Citizens Elevator. Angie tells Bubba that the USDA surprised the markets by revising their estimates last week, which may have caused some of the selling pressure...

FED Ushers in Back-Door Interest Rate Hike

Options Expert Kevin Kelly Joins the Show

Today’s show brings in a brand-new guest, Kevin Kelly with Recon Capital. Kevin is an options expert who uses options in various ways to help his clients manage their portfolios with the most powerful tool investors have, Options...

Bubba’s Bottom Line #303 Can Trump Really Make America Great Again?

Episode number 303 of Bubba's Bottom Line hosted by Todd Horwitz speaks to whether a President Donald Trump can really make America great again, or will his inauguration and first term be plagued by whiners hell-bent on impeaching him before he even takes office?

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Bubba’s Bottom Line #302 Earnings Season & Market Bump

Episode number 302of Bubba's Bottom Line hosted by Todd Horwitz goes over the start of earnings season and the dramatic moves in the market since the election and whether the market has gotten ahead of itself in advance of policies set by the incoming Trump Administration.

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Bubba’s Bottom Line #301 – New Year, New Market, New Opprtunities

Episode number 301 of Bubba's Bottom Line hosted by Todd Horwitz discusses market sentiment in the new year and going forward under the new Trump Administration set to be inaugurated as the 45th President of the United States of America on January 20, 2017.

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Understanding Markets is Crucial to Trading Successfully

Sorting through the Destruction of the FED

The tradition of The Bubba Show is to always bring in the best. Today Bubba welcomes Rob Roy a professional trader from Rob has been trading for 20 years as well as teaching and speaking about options around the world...