Some Things Never Change!

It was a pretty typical week in both the markets and in politics. The equity markets closed Friday on new all-time highs, but since the markets can never go down again that was to be expected. There was the sex scandal involving Jeffery Epstein, a buddy of Mr. Trump that led to the resignation of Labor Secretary Acosta...

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Crazy Nancy and The Stable Genius

Weeks ago, I wrote that the Mueller report wasn’t the end of the war, it was the beginning. The Mueller report was a weak, spineless review of what happened in the 2016 election. It was a deliberate attempt to keep throwing gas on the fire. It created the firestorm that we have today...

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State of The Union

The Agenda of the US

President Donald Trump appeared before a divided Congress for the first time on Tuesday to appeal to lawmakers' sense of unity at a moment of deepening partisan spite. His calls for conciliation were met with mostly stone-faced silence from Democrats, who bitterly oppose his agenda...

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Oops they did it again, the ignorance of the swamp has never been more evident. This issue is not republican or democrat, this is plain ignorance and lack of compassion for Americans. This is just another example of the screwing of the middle class by swamp creatures that have their own interests and not those of the American people...

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Debt Grows as Markets Make All-Time Highs

Headed for Disaster?

What a football weekend and what a week for the markets! Markets had the biggest up week of the year as complacency is at all-time highs. Margin debt continues to climb and debt in general is growing. No one is worried that the debt to GDP is at 105%. Jane King and Matt Demeter join the show...

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