What is Driving the Rally in Grains?

How Can Farmers Defend Against Disaster?

Wednesday on The Bubba Show, Bubba brings back the Goddess of Grains, Angie Setzer, who is also the Vice President of Grains at Citizens Elevator. Angie and Bubba discuss the recent rally in grains and what’s driving it higher. Both agree that the rally is no surprise...


Taking One for the Team

Apple Inc. said it would pay a one-time tax of $38 billion on its overseas cash holdings and ramp up spending in the U.S., as it seeks to emphasize its contributions to the American economy after years of taking criticism for outsourcing manufacturing to China...

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Building a Trading Plan

Nasdaq Soars, While Bonds Get Clobbered

Today on The Bubba Show, Bubba talks about the crazy market action on Tuesday and gives his interpretation as to what happened. The Nasdaq soared, while the other indices lagged behind. Gold continued making new recent highs, squeezing the shorts, and Bonds got clobbered...

Dip Buyers Hang On

How Far Will the Next Rally Go?

Today on The Bubba Show, Bubba gets right to the recent market action and discusses what to expect in the near future. Bubba states that he expects a 3% down move in the next 5 -7 days to break the longest streak in history...

What to Expect in Agricultural Markets

Wheat Could be Tops for Grains this Year

The Goddess of Grains returns to The Bubba Show ready to go. Angie Setzer, who is also a trader, discusses with Bubba what she sees in the markets. Bubba and Angie talk the grains trade and what to expect...

If Your Portfolio is Not Hedged, You are Gambling

It's Time To Protect Your Portfolio

There is an old saying among traders, when you go to church you go to pray and when you go to Vegas you go to play, but when you are trading you are there to make money. I have been trading for 36 years in all three exchanges in Chicago and that saying has not changed. Trading is a business, not a casino to gamble in or a church to pray...

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