Just Do It…Mistake?

Nike Teams Up With Kaepernick

Nike Inc. ventured into charged political territory when it put National Football League quarterback-turned activist Colin Kaepernick at the center of its latest advertising campaign, risking backlash to align itself with a cause that has resonated with young consumers...

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Markets Continue Consolidation Pattern

Big Move Coming?

The markets are consolidating and Bubba is anticipating a big move in either direction. President Trump is moving at lightning speed to keep his promises to the American people and that can influence the markets...

Lower Dollar Ahead?

Commercial Trade Positions Indicate Lower Markets Coming

We have a new president and we embark on a new era. Bubba expresses the hope and excitement that the Trump Administration should bring. Unfortunately, we have protests and hatred coming from all sides...

Protestors Become Violent, Where is President Obama?

After one of the biggest upsets in political history, the election of Donald J. Trump, the streets have become filled with protestors. The sore losers are loose from coast to coast, protesting with the slogan “not my president”, have they lost their minds. What do these protestors hope to accomplish?