China's Tough Electric-Car Quota

China will force foreign car makers here to start manufacturing electric vehicles in 2019 - a one-year reprieve from an earlier proposal that auto companies had fought against, but still the strongest national initiative yet to spur alternatives to gasoline and diesel cars...

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Has Bitcoin Become the Model T of Cryptocurrencies?

Blockchain Technology Explained

Cryptocurrencies seem to be the newest and hottest buy recently. Today on The Bubba Show, Bubba has called in an expert to discuss the world of Bitcoin and others. Stan Larimer, CEO of Cryptonomex , is the technology expert of the cryptocurrency space...

No Driver Required

Uber Resumes Self-Driving Vehicle Program

Uber Technologies Inc. is putting its autonomous vehicles back on city streets after an accident involving one of them in Tempe, Arizona, on Friday prompted the company to halt its test program. Uber said yesterday its self-driving cars are returning to the road for passengers to hail in Tempe and Pittsburgh, two of the three U.S. locales where it has said it is testing the vehicles...

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Snap Inc. Go Big or Go Home

A couple months ago I wrote about how Snapchat parent Snap Inc. was on the verge of an initial public offering. The time has finally come. Yesterday, Snap Inc. filed to go public with a valuation reported to be as high as $25 billion. With this kind of valuation, Snap is expected to be the largest public debut...

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Welcome to the Future of Talking Cars

Car Helpers

Before we can get to driverless cars, we need cars that can talk back to us! First, we reached the technology to connect our smart phones to our cars and now automakers are rushing to make the car talk back. The car-making alliance between Renault SA and Nissan Motor Co., revealed yesterday, details how voice-assistant technology from Microsoft Corp. will eventually help drivers with predictive tasks...

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Yellen Manipulates the Numbers

Yellen on Higher Education

Janet Yellen spoke during the University of Baltimore's midyear commencement ceremony yesterday, and while she didn't discuss anything about monetary policy, she did have a few very good points on higher education as a protection against the pressures of technological change and globalization...