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Inflation is up, and the yield curve is flattening? What gives? In bond market nomenclature, much of which is indecipherable by the design of craft fixed income traders, what we are witnessing today is a bull flattening. Long maturity Treasury yields are falling at a faster pace than short rate Treasury yields are decreasing...

FED Dollar Manipulation Benefiting Commodities, but for How Long?

Oil Remains Overvalued

The markets are now on a 6-day winning streak coming halfway back from the big sell-off. Bubba explains that this action was expected and should come as no surprise. Short covering, vicious rallies are part of a market that is making a top...

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1,000 Points and Counting

The long-running global stock rally turned into a rout Monday as the Dow Jones Industrial Average posted its largest-ever, single-day point decline and major indexes in the U.S., Europe and Asia gave up their gains for the year. Traders described a growing sense of anxiety throughout the day as the Dow briefly dropped nearly 1,600 points...

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