Kroger and Walgreens

Walgreens and Kroger Team Up

Walgreens and Kroger are expanding their partnership by testing a branded Kroger Express grocery section inside the drugstore chain. The companies, which announced a partnership in October to sell some Kroger products inside 13 Walgreens locations, said Tuesday they decided to expand on the original pilot...

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Big Names Take Hit on Theranos

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about how Walgreens was cutting ties with Theranos, an American privately held biotech company based in California. Walgreens filed a $140 million lawsuit on the basis that Theranos' blood tests weren't as safe and accurate as they were believed to be. Walgreens claimed Theranos "failed to meet the most basic quality standards and legal requirements" of their agreement...

Walgreens Boots Theranos


While all of you were busy watching what was going on in the election, Walgreens was busy looking for payback. The drugstore giant sued its former lab-testing partner Theranos Inc. in federal court in Delaware, alleging it breached a contract between the two companies...

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